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About incEngine
incEngine is a multi-store eCommerce and Content Management system built in Php. Completely modular and customizeable, the system is capable of reproducing any website online. Design Themes allow fast site re-designs and upgrades. Button and Color Themes allow customization of online graphics, colors and style-sheets.

Easily upload images and files, create products and webpages. Simple Menues and Online Help Guide you through the setup process. Front-End Editing enables a whole new way of updating your content without searching through an administration area.

Features: Over 250 Modules: Product Gallery, Shopping Cart, Credit Card Processing, Sales Reports, Poll, News, Forum, Top 10, Guestbook, Contact Us, Calendar, News Feed, Links, Mass Mailer, Mailing List, User Access, Group Features, Discounts, Coupons, User Comments, Related Products, Multi Currency Support, Multi Warehouse Support, Enterprise Database Syncronization Customized Upon Request.

Database Support: mySql, Postgres, Microsoft SQL, Oracle.

Shipping Support: Custom, Federal Express, UPS United Parcel Service, United States Postal Service.

incEngine is distributed by PODInteractive.com.

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